Netherlands - Indonesia

Transformation approached holistically with an eye towards long-term value building with specific strengths in bridging two cultures. Specifically for companies doing business in both the Netherlands and in Indonesia, we offer in-theater solutions.

N’L-INDO is your Partner in transforming your business:

Financial mandates

  • To reduce supply chain costs by certain basis points;
  • Improve efficiency and increase shipments by certain percentage;
  • Review operations processes like manufacturing, R&D and Marketing (beyond ISO 9000 audits) and identify potential efficiency improvements and cost savings;
  • Implement new financial systems to integrate with your long-term architecture; improve efficiency and productivity.

Internal (compliance) audits and risk assessment

  • Use of funds reviews; identify cash-flow “leaks” and possible abuse of funds;
  • Compliance audits.

Grow business or change business model

  • Facilitate (implement) a strategic- and business planning process;
  • Implement planned changes in the business model and organization;
  • Create a set of policies and procedures that support your envisioned end-state.

Culture and or capability transformation

  • Staffing and process reviews; assess the best organizational structure and staffing needs to support your long-term objectives;
  • Assess cultural problems and provide concrete solution for resolution;
  • Provide professional, non-binding, internal conflict resolution for Senior Management, Commissioners and Board members.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Valuations to support a transaction price for the Owner/Seller.
  • An internal Intellectual Property/ Intangible Assets review and risk assessment.
  • Implement processes, policies, procedures and documentation to capture the maximum value from operations.
  • Deal negotiations support (we do not provide legal or tax support or services.)

Digital transformation

  • Create long term digital strategic plans;
  • Redesign and implement modern workplace collaboration based on ADKAR model;
  • Improve employee experience and efficiency by implementing Experience Level tools;
  • Managing IT projects and training employees to use Microsoft applications more efficiently.
About us

Our company is based in the Netherlands and has an established office in Indonesia. The partners have over 100 years’ experience in transformation services in Europe, Asia and in the US, with specific knowledge about the business environment in both countries. Together, the partners are a strong team with deep, and wide skillsets in transformation and corporate development services having worked for companies such as Solectron/Flextronics, Watts Industries, Bramble Co., Siemens, ING and having a close relationship with Microsoft.

Our Vision

Companies are facing constant change in markets in which the company’s agility is needed to thrive.

Our Mission

At a time of ever-evolving market dynamics, our mission is to empower companies to become more adaptable, financially successful and enjoyable places to work.

What makes us unique?

  • Business focused with a strong human relationship
  • Discrete and confidential
  • Lean and mean; therefore more cost effective
  • Highly productive and relatively fast in delivering
  • Scalable: we can scale up our teams and throughput with proficient assistants where needed
  • Flexible
  • Work easily at all levels within your organization
  • Ability to train your management on the job for self-managed improvements in the future
  • We are confident in our capabilities and allow a part of the fees in a “no-cure, no pay” format.

We believe that change in whatever field only comes with a holistic perspective and approach.This means both strategy and behavior are the drivers of change, while recognizing that taking into account the different cultures might cause conflicting behaviors.

Our approach

  • Discuss with Management what is needed, what are expectations and the expected outcome;
  • N’L-Indo submits a proposal including final deliverables and fees that apply;
  • Based on a pre-defined “Scope of Work” we complete a breakdown analyses with possible suggestions for changes in the Scope of Work;
  • Data collection;
  • Set project objectives, milestones and deliverables (in addition to the expected outcome);
  • Develop a work plan;
  • Implement the plan;
  • Complete deliverables and a final report;
  • Evaluate the results with the Client and discuss possible follow up work that may be requested by the Client at that time.

Please feel free to contact any of the Partners listed individually (phone/WA), or email us at: or:

Michael Koks

227 Jl. Gilingrejo
50743 Salatiga
Central Java, Indonesia

Carin Termeer
Joost Koks

Pitrus 61
6581 RP, Malden